Wordless Wednesday–Leap Year Edition

Last weekend was the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show.  After I left, I realized I hadn’t taken a single photo.  So as we were having dinner, I asked the Spoiler, who was actually fairly excited to attend with me, what he’d seen in the landscape exhibits that interested him, or that he might wish he’s had in our yard.

There was one spectacular display–it won best in show in fact–that had a pool, hot tub and water feature all within the display.  That caught his eye but only because it was so over the top.  He really didn’t want to transplant it to our yard.

I was–and still am–take by these succulent plantings.  This tiny container comes from one of the vendors, Snug Harbor Farms, of Maine.

Another local vendor also had some great displays–Woodward Farms.  This piece was pretty over the top!

But for me, with heavy wet clay, I’ve got to do succulents in containers, always.  We have a planting of hens & chicks that has been growing on a piece of bedrock that juts out of the ground near our waterfall.  Over the past 5 years or so, spring and fall have become so wet that the planting is gradually rotting away.  There was a time when it would even bloom for us.  Now moss is taking over the rock.  That’s climate change in the Northeast, folks.

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