Wordless Wednesday

One of the reasons I love cacti and succulents is that they are so pretty while being so easy at the same time.  Water them every couple of weeks–more in the winter when the house is drier but be careful not to overwater–and they reward you with interesting shapes, colors and even occasional blooms.

Most of these little plants came from a Wal-Mart boxed set.  The plants were in 1″ clay pots.  I put them together in this bowl.  They’ve obviously thrived with very little help from me.  The one that looks like the octopus–with all the arms–has straw-colored flowers at the tips of many of its “arms”.  The low barrel cactus has a bud that will burst into hot pink bloom shortly.  It actually blooms several time a year for me.

The common name for this one is “pencil cactus” although it’s a succulent, not a catus.  The lighter colored growth is newer–it almost turns orange when first growing.  Again, very easy care–a little water now and again.

All of these are in a south window but I’ve had them in west windows as well, and the jade has also been in an east window–it depends on the year and what space I have available.   I’m not a big fan of supplemental feeding–I have too many plants for that.  So they do this all on their own with no extra help.

These plants are perfect for busy Moms (except the cacti–no thorns around kids, of course) folks who travel and those who just can’t remember to water.

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

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