Wordless Wednesday

Winter always seems so isolating.  Even if there’s no snow, we rush from our homes to our cars and back again and rarely see one another–unless there’s a freak 60 degree day like there was a few weeks ago.

So I fill my bay windows with plants–so much so that my husband complains that he can’t see out at times. That way, even when it does snow, there’s something to remind me that spring will come.

Some of you may remember this orchid from my November posts of “bullet-proof” house plants.  This is ludesia dicolor, or the terrestrial orchid that will grow in ordinary potting soil.  It also goes by the name of the “Jewel Orchid” for its colorful leaves–but then so do many other orchids in its genus and related genuses so that’s why botanical names can be helpful.

At the time of the November post, the plant had little buds at the ends of some of the leaf tips.  This is what those buds opened into–and one flower spike is open but out of the photo–there are actually 3.

It’s easy to see how this Oncidium ‘Twinkle’ got its name–the flower spikes do seem to twinkle with little flowers. This particular variation has yellow flowers but there are variations with pink flowers as well.  The plant is incredibly fragrant as some oncidium are. And really, isn’t that what you’d like in the middle of a cold gray winter–a fragrant, flowering plant?

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