Storm Damage

Because November was devoted to “bullet-proof” houseplants, I haven’t talked much about how the historic pre-Halloween storm affected our property.  It was fairly catastrophic because we have a fairly wooded property.

The storm began around 12:30 on October 29.  By 3 p.m., I was already hearing branches cracking and snapping.  And by the time the storm ended at 2 a.m. on October 30, we had branches on our roof, we were trapped in the house by two trees down across the driveway, and numerous limbs were down across the property, some so large they had to be cut up to be removed.  The power was out for 8 days–and we have no generator.

Here’s the FEMA contractor with its giant claw double tandem truck picking up a miniscule portion of the brush pile we had lining the front of the property.  The brush pile was 6′ high and well over 100′ long.

That doesn’t begin to describe what’s left behind however–and who knows how long it will be before that’s all cleaned up?  Here are a few examples–and mind you there are numerous examples all over the property–and all over Connecticut!

We have lots of large branches that have split like this.  Obviously they have to be removed.  It’s just a question of when and by whom?  Our usual workers are so busy they haven’t gotten to us.  I’m thinking it may be spring–or later–before we get our issues addressed.

We also have a few of these, ripped right off the tree, but not completely.  This is ugly.  This one we can get ourselves but most of them we can’t because they’re too high up in the canopy.  

And who said nature isn’t creative?  There’s quite a bit of this–this isn’t quite a widow-maker–although we have dozens of those.

Count the widow-makers in this maple–by my count there are at least 4–maybe 5.  The top came off and crushed my perennial and shrub garden.  The damage from that remains to be seen–I’ll have to wait until spring.  But of course there were also 4 deer in there last week so damage is all relative.

And this is just a small sampling.  I lost the tops of a japanese maple, a magnolia and most of my red dogwood–those 3 may have to come down.  My native black cherry was decimated as well.  This storm was very hard on native trees for some reason–just unlucky, I guess.

But nature never takes away without giving back, they say.  We’ll see what gifts come in its wake–besides more sunshine for my vegetable garden.

One thought on “Storm Damage

  1. damonsalvatore28 January 4, 2012 / 6:19 am

    Storm damage tends to be very devastating and make life of people miserable. A lot of time is wasted in cleaning the surroundings and restoring the damaged property. From the above photographs one can easily judge, how powerful, storm damage actually are.

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