A Plant Appropriate for the After-Thanksgiving Repast

Although you might not recognize his colorful version as the “Rubber Plant” or “Rubber Tree” it is the same old ficus elastica (see why I said it might be appropriate for the after Thanksgiving repast?  We’ve all, I hope in this time when so many have so little, gotten enough to eat, so some of us may be wishing for elastic waistbands right about now.  Sorry, I know, it is a bit of a stretch–and another bad pun!)

But to go on about the glories of this plant.  This was another of my box store bargains.  It was probably one of those 3 3/8″ pot sized versions and it’s been in a 6″ pot ever since–and I’m talking years now, probably a good 4-5, if not more.

It sits in an east window year round, but would probably do well in lower light–it just wouldn’t be quite so colorful.  It’s never had any insect infestations, even when plants around it have had mealy bugs or spider mites.

And all of the plants I’ve been showing for the last 2 weeks or more have survived the “Snowtober” storm.  We lost power at my house for 8 days.  We were fortunate that it was sunny for all 8 of those days but we had no generator so we had no way other than a fireplace to heat the house.  Because we have a dog, we stayed in the house so I can personally attest that the house got down to a chilly 49 degrees and remained that way.

So far, I’ve only had 1 plant succumb (despite the fact that these are “tropical” plants.)  I am seeing a lot of leaf drop and premature loss of flowers on some of the flowering plants.  As the plants remain stressed, I expect to see insect invasions.  But if that’s all that happens, I’ll be very grateful. So that is one of the many things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend!

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