Wordless Wednesday Extra

This unassuming little plant is one of the easiest orchids to grow because it is a “terrestrial” orchid.  What does that mean?  It grows in ordinary potting soil.  How hard can that be?

And following my maxim that a plant has to do something when it’s not in bloom, it does have unusual markings on the leaves, although they can be a little harder to see than most.

This plant belongs to the large family of orchids know as Ludesia (sometimes also known as Haemaria).  Its full botanical name is ludesia discolor.  And like most of the other plants this month, it will grow with very low light and very little water and is bothered by no pests unless there’s really a major infestation.

The swellings at the ends of the branches are buds that will open to creamy yellowish white flower spikes shortly.  This is definitely a great plant for an orchid beginner–or even a collector, since many variations exist.

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