A Plant You Can Grow In A Closet

If anyone ever asks me about Peace Lily (also known as White Sails and botanically known as spathiphyllum) I tell them that they will grow just about any place, including in a closet.  Technically, of course, that’s not quite true, but Peace Lily and the plant for Monday, Snake Plant (or Mother-in Law’s Tongue) are the two plants that are about the most forgiving plants for light requirements that I know of.

Peace Lily is also quite forgiving of watering.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my Mom’s plant completely wilted over and its leaves hung down over the sides of the pot, only to bounce back after a thorough soaking.  Perhaps it should more properly be called the resurrection plant–except I think another plant already has that name.  That’s the trouble with those pesky common names!

They are also fairly reliable bloomers and will bloom quite often in the dead of winter or in the poorest of soils.  Mine has been in the same over-crowded 10″ pot for 6 years and it still blooms–and with 150+ houseplants I rarely, if ever fertilize so you know that’s not what’s helping it along.

Many will think this plant is too common because they see it everywhere–but once again, do not discount the common plants.  You see them in shopping malls, dusty doctor’s offices and all the box stores and grocery stores for a reason–it’s because they can withstand those conditions.  If you have a poor, love-light corner of your home just crying out for some live greenery, this is the plant for you!

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