Wordless Wednesday Extra

Did you know that phalaenopsis are the second most popular houseplant? Poinsettias are the first.  Interestingly enough, both are great plants for cleaning the air of toxins and pollutants.  Phalaenopsis are probably a bit more versatile in the decorating department though and they don’t scream “seasonal gift plant” either.  Further, they are less demanding about watering requirements (if you doubt that, look at where they are in the box stores and supermarkets–by the drafty doors, under those blasting heaters–need I say more?)  And while I don’t suggest you subject them to that treatment at home, I will say if you treat them nicely and select one with a stem (scape is the technical term) that has some buds left to open, you may get months of bloom from them.  I have one I purchased in January that is still blooming!  Try that with a poinsettia!

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