Halloween Ideas for a Spooky Garden

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not a fan of Halloween.  I’m all for the idea of giving candy to kids–but I do think it should be done in a safe, controlled environment, and that is not exactly where I live.  I live on a dark, winding street, with no street lights to speak of and no sidewalks–very dangerous for trick-or-treaters.

And the other thing that creeps me out a bit in this day and age is the whole concept: what other day of the year would you open your door to a stranger in a mask?  Not a terribly good idea unless it is a 5-year-old.

Be that as it may, should you want to add some spooky sounding shrubs to the garden, the nice folks at Proven Winners have come up with this list to help you. They actually admit that the shrubs sound more like names for Halloween costumes but let’s face it–how many cat’s claw and devils walking sticks do we really want in the garden anyway?

Again, all of these are Proven Winners plants, already available or soon to be available.  And you can tell I’m not much a fan of Halloween–on that whole list, I’m only growing Black Lace Elderberry, and only because it was a test plant provided to me by Proven Winners!

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