Drive Carefully–It’s Deer Mating Season!

Last week, two new reports on deer made me decide I’d do an annual report on this topic.  I saw the first in the Hartford Courant which stated that once again, West Virginia leads the nation in vehicle/deer collisions. Here’s a link to a more recent story from an Ohio radio station confirming those statistics.  The second came from the New York Times which reported that deer have begun showing up in Brooklyn, a part of New York that has never had a deer population.

In the story in the Times, it was speculated that one of the reasons for the deer migration was mating season.  And that’s the reason for this post.   In these  next two months, October and November, more deer will be killed on the highways than in any other two month period, precisely because it is deer mating season.  And when deer are mating, they tend to get a little crazy.

This is the time of year when you are more likely to be broadsided by a deer than any other time of year.  You could also be rear-ended by one, or just have the plain old head-on collision.  But regardless of the type of collision, this is the time of year that deer to vehicle collisions are most likely to occur.

Fortunately these types of collisions have fallen by 8% over the last year so someone is getting savvier–perhaps the automotive technology is allowing drivers to see further and to stop faster.  Because deer in mating season are not likely getting any more aware of the cars!

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