Happy Columbus Day*

Happy Columbus Day (and Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors in Canada!).  With this post, I’m going to change up the schedule a bit.  For over 500 posts, I’ve posted more or less 6 days a week for almost 2 years.  As we come into autumn and the gardening season winds down, I think I’ll post on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule (unless something strikes my fancy).  We’ll see how that goes for a while.  If I decide that I like it, that may become the norm.  Otherwise, I may ramp it back up in the spring.

As I talked about on Saturday, I do try to garden as much in harmony with the earth and with the spirit of our native ancestors as possible.  This includes keeping all chemicals out of the garden (although I haven’t quite got complete control over my husband, the Spoiler,  in that area–he isn’t as chemical and pesticide free as I am) and as I discussed generally trying to let nature care for itself–as I often say about the leaves, “Why do you think they’re called leaves?  It’s so you can leave them in the garden to mulch!”

So with that in mind, I recognize that not all places and not everyone recognizes this day as a holiday.  Two states Hawaii and South Dakota, do not celebrate it as a holiday, and parts of Oklahoma do not as well–and I thank Wikipedia for confirming and elaborating on the information I already knew.

But this is not a political blog–there’s too much of that on TV–so if there’s nice weather where you are, get out and enjoy the garden!  Or take a page from our neighbors to the north and give thanks for something–get in practice for our own Thanksgiving which is just a few short weeks away!

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