Foliage Follow-Up

Since it’s not quite fall foliage season here, I still have to make do with what’s left in the garden for my “Foliage Follow-up.”  Still, I have a few interesting things I haven’t shown before I think.

At this point in the season, after the hurricane, I’ve cut back most of my hard foliage plants because they just got too battered by the wind. But I still do have this leaf around and I’m always talking about this plant because of its unusual flower in the early spring.  Its foliage is just as arresting, but it can get a bit out of hand, I understand–I’ve heard it referred to as “pestasites.”  Still if you have a spot that’s not too most so it won’t get out of control, it can be a stunner.  Or if you have  moist spot with room for it to run–ditto.  The larger leaves can be almost a foot in size.  Its botanical is petasites japonicus giganteus ‘variegatus.’

When this plant first hit the market it was $24.99 for an 8″ pot–so I bought several smaller 4″ pots from a mail order nursery.  If I had known that it would be so prolific with its spores, I would have just bought one of the 8″ pots and not worried.  I have these all over my years–and happily so, mind you!  Every spring, I go around and dig the ones that are about this size out and I transplant them to the garden beds or I pot them up and give them away to friends, neighbors or plant sales. But who knew this plant would multiply so nicely?  This is athyrium niponicum var. ‘pictum.’

This is one of my “bargain basement” finds at the supermarket.  It was labeled “asst. houseplant $5.”  Fortunately I knew that it was really a type of terrestrial orchid called ludisia discolor that blooms with spikes of white or cream in fall or winter.  You’d better believe I snatched this up!

I’ve had this canna since 2004.  It lives in the pond all summer and lives in the house in the winter.  It’s especially breathtaking when backlit by the setting sun.  The variety is ‘African Sunset.’

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