Mad As Hornets over Bees

You’d think that with all the tree damage from Hurricane Irene 10 days ago, honeybees would have been the least of the worries.  Not so, reports a story in the New York Times.  Local beekeeping groups almost came to blows after a partially felled tree revealed a hive of 30 to 40 thousand honeybees nested in a decaying branch.

A woman who was out taking a walk after the worst of the storm had passed first discovered the hive.  She had taken a beekeeping course so she called her teacher to come to the rescue.  Little did she know that someone else had already called the beekeeper responsible for removing any hives such as these for the NYC Police and Fire department.

Bucket trucks, chain saws and furious words (never mind male egos) were involved in the rescue of the hive before the branch and its cache of bees were finally deposited in the back seat of the initial rescuer’s car (brave woman).  She took the bees home to her rooftop hive and has successfully introduced a new queen.

She has promised to split the hive with the other rescuer if it survives the winter–something that’s always tenuous in these days of colony collapse disorder and other bee maladies–in exchange for his gracious assistance with the bucket truck.

But who would have thought that folks might have almost come to blows over bees?

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