Creeping Summer Weeds–Carpet Weed

Here’s an interesting weed that sort of blends right into the lawn because its foliage is so fine.  No one is going to mistake this for creeping charlie or crabgrass or a lot of the other weeds that infect the lawn. In fact, think of this as the late summer version of chickweed–very small, pretty little white star-shaped flower, but wow!  Let it get going and it will certainly spread.  And just like chickweed, one plant can put out a prodigious number of seeds.

It’s not that any one flower puts out a huge number of seeds–but look at the number of flowers in this photo alone.  Each flower puts out 4-6 seeds or so and once you multiply that by the number of flowers on the plant you can see how this plant could rapidly reproduce.  Thankfully it’s an annual but with seed reproduction like that, you’d never know it–and remember the old garden saying: One year’s seeds, seven year’s weeds.

Here’s a photo once I pulled it from the ground (because yes, this is my weed). You can see that it doesn’t have a particularly deep tap root (thank goodness).  But with all those flowers to seed itself around, it doesn’t need to be careful about staying rooted, I guess.  This is one weed you don’t want to get away from you!

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