Hydrangea Week–Invincibelle Spirit

This is a Proven Winners plant, so as you must know it has a name longer than the plant is tall.  Its correct botanical name is hydrangea arborescens ‘NCHA1’  sold in the trade as Invincibelle Spirit.™

This is another hydrangea with a web site, but even more than that, this plant has a mission–to find a cure for breast cancer.  The goal is to raise one million dollars through sales of this plant for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  For every plant sold, $1 is donated to the Foundation.  Garden centers, retailers and nurseries around the country have “Think Pink” days every year featuring this plant (and others like it) that raise money for breast cancer.

As the plant goes, it is supposed to be a “Pink Annabelle” (Annabelle being that white hydrangea with the huge, globe shaped flowers).  I can’t say that the plant has performed that well for me–yet–in my garden but it has proven to be a favorite of the deer so perhaps that it holding it back a bit.

I can tell you that I planted similar sized trial plants of Invicibelle Spirit™ and Incrediball™ which you’ll see profiled tomorrow.  The Incrediball™ plant is five times the size–and you’ll see how much bigger the flowers are in the photos tomorrow.

But bigger is not always better, as Pia showed on Tuesday.  The coloring in this plant is lovely.  And I think that once it fills in–if the deer ever leave it be–it will be a delightful addition to the garden.

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