A Great Landscape Rose

That mass of delicate hot pink flowers you see ringing the garden belong to that new Proven Winners landscape rose I mentioned last week, Oso Happy™ Candy Oh!  Technically, its full name is  Rosa ‘ ZieMartinCipar’ Oso Happy™ Candy Oh! but let’s not get too technical here–after all, plants can’t read, and they sure can’t speak the complicated language of plant patents!

You might notice, in front of Candy Oh! as I’ll call it for short, that bunch of white perlite?  that’s where the 2 new plants of Oso Easy™ Honey Bun are planted–the two new plants I talked about last week (again, technically Rosa ‘Scrivjean’ Oso Easy™ Honey Bun).  They had a few lovely creamy gold flowers on them when they arrived–and I have no doubt they’ll be blooming again shortly.

Candy Oh! on the other hand, has just started to bloom and is covered with sprays of buds.  I have no doubt that it will be in bloom for the majority of the summer–you’ve got to love a plant like that!

The flowers are small–about the size of a quarter–and single as you can see by the photo.  As you may have noticed from my other rose garden, I am a fan of the David Austin™ roses–huge, overblown, fully double roses that have a hundred petals or more.

But I also have the original Knockout™ rose in my garden and I just put Home Run™ in this year because easy care roses that flower forever with bright color can’t be beat.  Both those roses are single, 5-petalled flowers–so I’m not a snob about having only english-style roses in my garden.

Let’s face it–don’t we all want what works in the garden?

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