Foliage Follow-Up

I enjoy foliage Follow-up almost more than Bloom Day because, for those of you that  have been reading for awhile, you know I love my plants to “do more than one thing.”  So I always try to have interesting foliage around.

Take this coleus, Kingswood Torch, in the hummingbird planter, for example.  It’s a shade plant, so it’s there to brighten the shady area.  But because it’s in the hummingbird planter, I needed a bright pop of color to try to attract the birds.  Notice that bright line down the center of the leaves?  It would be even brighter if it got just a bit more sun.

You can see that as well with these fancy leafed pelargoniums (geraniums).  Yes, they’re pretty much the same window box geraniums that you see everywhere–at least the two in the front, ‘Happy Thought’ with the yellow variegation, and ‘Mrs. William Langduth,’ with the white variegation–are.  The one that’s just about visible in the back is called a stellar geranium because its flowers are star-shaped.  That’s technically an “heirloom” geranium, I suppose–it’s called ‘Vancouver Centennial’ and it was named for just that and has been around since something like 1887.

No one should grow this plant without stern warning!  It is extremely aggressive and once you have it, you have it forever!  However, in the right spot–such as between two granite walls and bedrock, where we have it, it really is a pretty plant with a lovely little flower.  Just do not put it where you do not want it to spread because it will take over on you!

I’ve talked on this blog before about how kind Greenland Gardener was in giving me a raised bed to trial.  One of the things I always grow in my gardens is parsley.  I usually put a pot out by my front stoop for me and 2 6-packs in the gardens for the swallowtail butterflies.

Well, the butterflies haven’t found the parsley yet this year, and this garden is growing so fabulously that I have little parsley hedges.  The rabbits have nibbled a bit, but scarcely enough to make a dent!

I’ve joked that the parsley leaves are as big as my hand and everyone wants to see.  This is not quite the best photo–but how do you photo your own hand?  And of course The Spoiler was nowhere to be found when I needed him!

I’ve put no extra fertilizer in–just the compost and garden soil I started with.  Maybe the butterflies don’t recognize this as parsley–or maybe they’re scared!

2 thoughts on “Foliage Follow-Up

  1. Wendy June 16, 2011 / 9:00 pm

    Is the plant in your third photo Chameleon? I love coleus but haven’t the shade to grow it in containers. We are planning roofs…. I see coleus in my future. Please tell me if you are growing chameleon.

  2. gardendaze June 16, 2011 / 9:40 pm

    Yes, the common name of that plant is chameleon plant. I’ve had it in the garden since 2007 but like a true perennial it didn’t take off on me until that very wet summer of 2009. That’s why I warn that it’s very aggressive.


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