Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

Tansy (tanacetum partheneum–if they haven’t changed it again!  The fern leaf variety.  I also grow aurea, the golden leafed variety, which is a little less likely to self-sow).  Notice the lovely little bee enjoying all those flowers!

I once saw a garden blogger describe this plant as “Endless Disappointment.” Perhaps she’s in the wrong climate for it.  In my climate it begins blooming in June and doesn’t finish until October.  What’s not to like?  This is a one year old plant.

And this is a six year old plant.  And while the trademark name is Endless Summer, it’s correct name is hydrangea macrophylla‘bailmer.’ If you care.

Hard to decide if this should be in today’s or tomorrow’ post.  But the pretty yellow flowers won out.  This is an interesting plant–it started out a full 15′ away from where it would up!  I guess it preferred the growing conditions on the other side of the garden!  I’ve had it maybe 10 years and that’s how long its migration took.  I’m not aware of st. johns wort really being known for that sort of thing–but there you have it!

You’ll read more about this rose on Friday–but this fabulous little rose just blooms its heart out all summer long for me!

I do some variation on  this theme every year in this “cup” planter that I found in Wal-Mart many years ago. I try to get the colors to match the planter but not too exactly.  The plants are a non-stop begonia, a torenia, a calibrachoa and a red dracena.

This year I also did a “hummingbird” planter.  I like to draw hummingbirds with plants rather than with sugar water because plants–at least for me–are easier to maintain than a hummingbird feeder.

Because this planter only gets about 2 hours of sun in the late afternoon, I couldn’t use the traditional hummingbird sun plants.  So only the fuchsia will actually have nectar for the little birds.  But that’s okay–I have lots of nectar plant in my yard, some very nearby.  I just wanted them to notice the planter–and I wanted some color for a very drab spot!

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