Ways of Seeing

For my 400th post, building on what I was thinking yesterday, I was thinking about the garden.  This time of year, the garden seems so perfect.  So much is in bloom, and this garden, because it is right by the road, attracts a lot of attention, comment and compliments.  As the gardener, you’d think I’d be pleased, wouldn’t you?  But no!

Instead, this is what I see: chives that need deadheading.

Irises with more dead than alive.

What I should look at instead are all these hydrangea buds–promise of all the flowers yet to come!

The same with these echinacea buds–food for wildlife and color for the garden!

And finally, perhaps one of the nicest things of all–Black Lace elderberry (sambucus nigra) without a hint of the borer, after I gave it a hard pruning as was suggested by those nice folks at Proven Winners.  It’s got buds and flowers on it too–quite a lovely gift to both me and the wildlife!

2 thoughts on “Ways of Seeing

  1. planthoarder March 4, 2012 / 12:31 pm

    Even your “bad” pictures look good!

  2. gardendaze March 4, 2012 / 2:30 pm

    Thanks. I think that’s just how it is with gardeners–the grass is always greener somewhere else. Or the flowers are always in bloom somewhere else–more showy, fewer weeds. Maybe I’m just too much a perfectionist. You’d think all these years of gardening would have gotten that out of me!

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