There’s Hope For Our Food Supply Yet

Yesterday I wrote about what I thought our world and food supply would look like when I was a kid:  everything being dispensed by bright shiny vending machines.  Good thing that vision hasn’t come true!

Last Sunday, the New York Times did a short piece about new younger farmers and how they are making a difference in  the Pacific Northwest.  They are even reviving the lost tradition of the Grange!  This is the newer version of what our food supply may look like in the future.

While the article didn’t get into a lot of complicated factors for the resurgence in farming among the younger set, a few had farming in their blood.  Others saw it as a way to ensure the safety of their own–and others–food supply.

I know a friend of mine is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her heritage chicks early this summer.  She’s chosen one of the rarer breeds so the chicks won’t come to her until around June or so.  When they arrive, we’re all going to have a potluck picnic so she doesn’t have to do any work and go over to visit to see them.

I’ve pondered the whole idea of a few backyard chickens myself but have ultimately given up on the idea.  Because I have made my yard so wildlife friendly, I think it would be very chicken un-friendly.  I wouldn’t so much as have to build them a coop; I’d have to build them a fortress.  And that wouldn’t be a lot of fun for them.

And on the day when the wildlife inevitably outsmarted me, I’d be devastated.  So it’s just not worth that heartbreak.  I can’t even keep goldfish in my pond.  I know better than to try to keep expensive koi.  So there will be no chickens–and therefore no farm fresh eggs–for me.

I did belong to the Slow Food USA organization for awhile but believe it or not, the emails were a bit too overwhelming.  I wonder if that’s changed?  I read an article recently by the founder who said that gardeners should consider joining–that cooking and gardening have a lot in common.  He’s right, of course, and I wonder for a lot of folks if they come to growing a few edibles out of their love of cooking?  For me, gardening was definitely first.

And since that is the case,  I’ll soon, I hope, be updating you on my latest project, a raised bed garden that I’ll be planting with vegetables.  I’ll be layering the soil in there “lasagna” style to kill the grass underneath.

And since the kit was donated to me by Greenland Gardener, I’ll be showing you all about the kit and how that works too!  Stay tuned for my edibles project!

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