Bonsai Reconsidered

On Saturday our local horticulture society held a bonsai workshop.  Despite posting about giving up bonsai (back on March 2) I decided to go because I’d met the woman giving the workshop and she was quite knowledgeable and I thought it might be fun to refresh my skills.

It was a lot of fun and I’ll need to be careful not to get carried away or before I know it I’ll have a nice little bonsai collection again and as it is the ones I have in the making are not likely to survive my next winter trip.

As usual, I chose tropical plants to “bonsai.”  And I wound up with several attempts because my first choice wound up getting snapped in the shaping.

This serissa was my first choice. But the main branch (the very short one in the photo) got snapped during the shaping so I stopped my styling of it at that point until I see whether it heals.  That’s why I left that secondary long and untrimmed branch.  If the snapped branch doesn’t heal properly, the secondary branch will become my focal point.  And I stuck some of the trimmings in the pot to root as well.

This is a close-up of my attempt to heal the snap with cut paste (like a tree wound dressing) and wire.

This was the second plant I selected, but it’s too young to do much training on.  I just potted it up and will see how it progresses over the summer.

You’ll notice I’m not using traditional bonsai soil.  That’s to give these more of a fighting chance with the house sitters.

Finally, there was an overgrown lemon verbena just calling my name.  Here’s about 3/4s of the prunings I took off of it.

And here’s the plant as it begins its life as a bonsai in training.

Since I have no travel planned for the summer, these should be fine.  It’s my next vacation that I worry about–but I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. Maybe I’ll have a better water-er by then.

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