Spring Fever

The plants, it seems, can’t wait to get out of the ground.  There are, of course, the snowdrops, which will push through snow and ice to bloom.

This is a variety called galanthus flore pleno–they’re double.  Unless you cut them, bring them in the house and set the vase on a small mirror you can never truly enjoy the doubly ruffled interior but I still love them!

Elsewhere, though, now that the snow has receded (and here in New England, mud season is on the way!) all sorts of things are pushing out of the ground.

Ice Follies daffodils are poking out of the ground.  With all the critters in our Backyard Habitat, these are always foolproof.  It will be quite some time before they bloom because this garden is quite shaded at this time of year.

Here are the tiny rosettes of a sedum.

And here are the new leaves on a New England Aster.

Although we are a long time from bloom on all but the snowdrops, on a nice sunny day it’s great to see new life peeking out of the ground!

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